Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are back to warm weather ?

Robert and I left last Thursday to go and see Tyson and Lauren in Alaska before he is deployed on the 19th of this month. First of all can I just say that I HATE to fly. I think all of the worst things when flying, I am always sure that I am not going to make it where I am going. And then to top it off I hate the rude people who always seem to be taking the same flight as us. Anyway despite all of that it was a great trip, we had a great time. It was great to be able to spend time with Tyson and Lauren and to be able to see beautiful Alaska. It was a bit cold for me but still beautiful. On Friday night we went to a hockey game with some of their friends from their ward. We went to their apartment to meet up with them. They then told us that we were going to walk it was not far. Well after the first couple of blocks I thought that my lungs were going to burst. But I just kept my head down so that the cold was not hitting me right in the face. We finally got there and the game was great. Then it was over and I knew that I now had to go back out there to back to the car. I told them on the way home that I have YW leaders and YW that drive across the street to the church. If it is snowing they call to see if we are going to cancel. I thought about them the whole time walking and was thinking what great big babies they are.

I have so many great picture so you will have to just suffer through. We were driving along the inlet towards Girdwood, this ice was along the side of the road.

We would be driving along this inlet and it would look like small pieces of ice, then it would look like rocks. Then you would see a little water. It was awesome. The best part was when we were driving it look frozen solid and standing still. We pulled over to get a picture and we could not believe how fast it WAS moving.

I just thought that this was a great picture of the sun really trying to peak out of the clouds. In Girdwood they have a ski resort. This was a fun little town with some beautiful mountains. These next two picture's I took from the car as we were leaving Girdwood, again the sun just trying to peek out.On Sunday we took a great ride out to Seward. This drive was through the mountains all the way. We really thought that we would see some great wildlife, but no such luckOK here is a little wild life. Of course I can not ever get a picture of Tyson being serious. In Seward there was an Aquarium that we went through. There was a kids corner and you guessed it look who had to try out the boat. While we were there it was feeding time. This picture was in the parking lot as we were leaving. The ocean was just so blue I had to get back out of the car and take this picture. You can not really tell but the wind was blowing like 90 miles per hour. I was shaking so bad I am surprised that the picture was not blurry.
As we were driving back through the canyon we came around this corner and both Robert and I could not believe the great sunset. These next 2 pictures are also out of the car as we are driving. By this time it was to cold to actually stop and take a picture.

We were a little disappointed that we did not see any wild life. We thought we are in Alaska, what the heck. We pulled into town and had to stop at their apartment to get them some more clothes to take to the motel room when what do we see in the parking lot ?????WILDLIFE.... 2 moose

On our last day there we drove out to the temple. It is a small temple but it was so beautiful covered in snow nestled in a corner.

We are so thankful that we were able to take this trip. Tyson and Lauren we love you so much, we are proud of you and what you are doing. I am thankful everyday Tyson for brave men like you who are able and willing to protect our freedoms.


Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

YEA for a new posting! I just finished reading the whole blog outloud to tyson as he played his hockey game. We both laughed when you said you pulled over for the sunset picture...cause we had no idea you did that...guess i did fall asleep!

We had so much fun with you guys out here we would never had made it out to seward probably! Love ya both

Randy & JoAnna said...

What a fun opportunity!! Coming home from Alaska to Utah probably felt warm????
Do you have a new grandbaby yet?

Lindsay said...

Hi Gayle, did you ever get the invite I sent to get on our blog? Just wondering cuz I don't think it went through, if it didn't email me your email address again, and I'll try to send it to you again! :) my email is, I hope Tyson and Lauren are doing well! I'm so excited they are expecting! That's so fun!