Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just a tease !

So this summer has been so busy. I am really going to try and keep up on my blog. For now I have put just a couple of pictures from July's activies. This next week I will blog in detail about each of our summer activities.
Tyson was able to come home from Afghanistan for a short visit. While he was here of course to the dismay of my family we did take a new family picture. I had to promise that there would not be any kind of color theme , or that we would not have to go to some "special" place. So here we are in the front yard.
No matter who's pictures I am doing after we get done we have to have a fun picture. I should start doing this picture first to loosen everyone up. P.S. Emily. I said pull a face... not cover up your face. LOL
The reason Tyson was able to come home was because he and his beautiful wife had their first baby on July 10th. Meet Jordan Scott Davies. 8lbs 9oz 21 inches long and a week past his due date. First I was sure that he was going to come on the 4th of July in honor of his Dad serving our Country. But then I was sure that he was holding out until his Dad got here. But because of some travel problems he came the day before his Dad got here. But he is here, healthy and beautiful.

We all took a day off work and went up to Payson Lake while Tyson and Lauren were here. We had so much fun. Why is it that we have this lake 30 minutes away and we never go there. Everyone had a great time. The kids were not sure at first about going out into the "deep" water, but once the guys stopped teasing them, they had a ball.
I am pretty sure that Erika wanted this duck and see who the biggest tease is....

Just this last weekend we had our Garbe Reunion... We went up to Chris and Debbie's property in Avintaquin Canyon. It is beautiful there. Everyone had a great time. I got up Saturday morning with a migraine from ----. I was so bugged because I missed out on most of the day. But I still have some great pictures.. More to come. Kevin was the only sibling that was not there. We missed him. Trent and Emily had a family reunion in CA . So Tiffany, Adam & kids were the only family I had there. Looking forward to next year as Tyson will be home and we will be changing the weekend so that Trent and Emily are not in CA for the Smith reunion.
Thanks to the Hales family who was in charge this year. You are all awesome.

Be sure to watch this week for more , more and some more pictures from the summer.