Monday, November 8, 2010

I took this from Kira's blog. Had me in tears but thought it was so fitting for this week.

9 Ways you can show support for our military members and their families.

*Stand up when the National Anthem is being played or the Pledge of Allegiance is being said and put your hand over your heart. The National Anthem isn’t a time to cheer for your team. It’s a time to show respect for the good ol’ USA. Keep your eyes on the flag and your thoughts on the soldiers who died and those who continue to fight to protect it.

*Teach your children about REAL heroes. They may not play a sport on TV and make millions a season, but when was the last time a home run killed a terrorist? Uh….never! Children need to know that heroes aren’t found in Hollywood or on the ball field. Think about it…freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction!

*When you see a veteran…thank him. They aren’t looking for your thanks, but they’ll sure appreciate it. Imagine putting your life on the line for your country and watching your buddies die for it and watching the world around you forget about it. Veteran’s don’t forget. Neither should you.

*Display a flag in your yard. Investing in a big flag pole is not only patriotic…but it looks great, too! Convince your neighbors to do the same.

*Send a card to a deployed soldier. It’s not hard to get an address. I think just about everyone knows somebody in the military. Soldiers love to know that the people back home are behind them 100%. You don’t have to be in favor of the war(s). Politics don’t play a role when it comes to standing behind our military men and women.

*Military wives look really strong on the outside but they hide their fear well. When you see a wife whose husband is deployed, ask how you can help. She’s scared and sad and worn out. The answer she will give you is “I’m ok!” but help her out anyway. A note telling her how much you support her husband and appreciate her families sacrifice means more than you can possibly imagine.

*When you see a service member at the airport…stand up and cheer for them. There’s not nearly enough of that. Shake their hands. Tell them “thank you”.

*When a unit nearby is deploying or coming home…go out and support them. Take your kids. Life is hectic and busy…I realize that. The soldiers will appreciate it, but I promise you that you will get a lot more out of it than you bargained for. It’s hard to get caught up in your own problems when you witness a soldier saying goodbye to his/her family….and nothing can lift your spirits more than seeing them reunited!

*Remember during this holiday season that there are thousands of deployed men and women who would give anything just to be with their family. Spend a little more time with yours. Do a service for someone. Let your children experience how much joy they can get from bringing happiness to others.

Remember that the cost of freedom is high but Americans have always paid it. Do your part. If you can’t serve, support those who can!