Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not so Sunny St. George

This year is the year that my kids, grand kids & siblings have Thanksgiving with someone besides me. So Robert and I usually go down to St. George to be with my parents on this off year. We look so forward to it. It is just so low key, sometimes we shop and most of the time we don't. We just get to play cards and enjoy each others company. We do have to be home for Sunday but it will still be a great time until Saturday.
I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that we are all so thankful for what we have. Our warm houses, car, clothes, freedom & each other.
Christmas is now just around the corner and I can not wait, because this IS the year that my kids (Tyson & Lauren) in our hearts, but the rest at my house. I love having the little ones running around and seeing the excitement on their faces. I LOVE Christmas. I especially love it when I find something for someone that I think is so awesome and I hope that they think in awesome also. I almost can't keep a secret. I hope my kids will love it. Hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend for a post next week. Everyone Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiffany

Today is Tiffany's birthday.. I just want to wish her a happy one.
I was thinking about her this morning as I was getting ready for work and laughed out loud about the night she was born. I had been to the hospital 2 times and they had sent me home. Robert and I had decided that we would go to a Primary In service meeting, maybe that would take my mind off my situation. About half way through the meeting I told Robert that I was going to go downstairs and go the bathroom. I told him if I was not back in 10 minutes to come down and check on me. Well everything was fine until I got the the stairs and I could not even lift my legs to get up the stairs. I did not worry because I knew that he would be coming down to check on me right ? NOT. After waiting for quite some time I had to crawl up the about 20 stairs. My loving husband had forgot about me. When he seen my face he knew that it was time for us to leave. And then we had to turn around and go back down those stupid stairs. When we got home he was ready to leave for the hospital for the third time, I told him that we were going to wait for alittle bit because I was not going to be sent home again. He finally got me to leave the house about 10:45. We got to the hospital at 11:00 and Tiffany was born at 11:31 on 11-11-81. When Tiffany was younger she always thought that she was pretty special because they would have an assembly every year at school on her birthday. I am not sure how old she was when Trent told her that it was not for her and it was for the veterans.
We are so lucky to have her as part of our family. We love you Tiff and again hope that you have a great day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am Thankful

Tiffany and Emily both had this on their blog and I thought you know we all so much to be thankful for. So I thought that I would give it a shot.

A- America. I am so grateful for the country that I live in and the freedoms I have.
B-My boys. They take such good care of me. There Dad has taught them to be so respectful to me and all ladies.
C- Hello... my camera. I love it. I keep telling Robert that "one of these days" it really is going to make me some $$$. HaHa
D-Dog. I am probably the only one but I love my dog Hunter.
E- Electricity. I would have never been able to be a pioneer.
F-Family& Friends. I have a great family. From my own kids and grandkids to siblings and parents. I just so you know I have the best friends in the world. Love you all.
G- Grandkids... My grandkids are my life. I did not think I could love children as much as my own kids. But I do.
H-Happiness. My life is wonderful
J-Job. I have a great job, coworker and boss. I pretty much come and go as I want and do what I want.
K-Kisses. Robert told me this week that Oprah said that your kisses should last at least 10 seconds. Try it...
L-Love. It makes my day when one of my grandkids tell me that they lub me.
M-Money. I wish that we had more. But I am just so grateful that we both have good jobs.
N-Nose.. I am grateful to be able to smell.
O-Oreo shakes. Love it when they have big chunks.
P-Parents. They are the best. Anyone who knows my parents know what I am talking about.
Q- Quite time.. I love my evenings when everyone is gone to bed and the only noise is the sound of me on my laptop working on pictures. My favorite time of day.
R-Robert. He is my best friend. Just remember.. MOST !!!
S-Saturday & Sunday. Even though they are busy for me I still love the weekend
T-Tiff. She is the strongest girl I know. Well she acts strong but really is a softy/tender heart.
U-Uncles. This is a stretch, but my extended family is great.
V-Vehicle. Because I really would not want to walk to work each day.
W-Women. Thank you to all the women who I work with at church. I could not do it without you.
X-??? I am stumped.
Y- YW. I love my young women. I thought that I was to old for this job, but just last week one of my young women told me that they were so glad that I was in YW and that they had a leader who acted just like them. And then she said, by the way have you lost your "fart machine" I have not seen it for awhile. LOL
Z- zzzzzz I love my bed.

I tag anyone else who thinks like me that this was going to be easy.