Monday, December 29, 2008

Late Christmas and shooting guns

Tiffany had her kids for Christmas this year so Trent, Emily & Erika slept over at our house on Christmas Eve. We had so much fun Christmas morning. It was so fun to have little kids for Christmas again. They just make it so much fun. All 3 of them did have to get woke up. Emily was having a hard time sleeping. LOL
Erika got a kitchen & all the accessories that go with it that all of the kids loved playing with. We had BBQ banana's, tea, boiled onions. And we were charged for our wonderful eats. She is kind of getting in to barbies also. so she got a couple of those so that she and Harley can play and have a great time.
Harley got everything High School Musical. Sleeping bag, barbies, back pack, clothes. etc. she was in Heaven. It was so fun to hear her say.... this is just exactly what I wanted. Every time she opened a present.
And then there is Oakley. As much as Harley loves HSM he loves CARS. He did not even want to open the next present, he just wanted to play with the one that he had just opened. If we did not keep him going it would have taken him all day to open his presents.
Trent and Emily spoiled each other. Just a couple of things... Trent got a tool box for his truck, clothes and more clothes... Emily got a great "hers" tool box I am sure so that she would leave Trent's tools alone. she also got an IPOD. They got more but those were their biggies.

On Saturday we went up Spanish Fork Canyon to shoot the guns. Here are alot of pictures... This first one is Trent putting up some targets for us ... I wanted you to see how deep the snow was.. it is up past his knees. There was so much we had to just pull over on the side of the road. To much to really pull off on a side road.

Robert got a new pistol for his birthday so they were excited to shoot it. I thought that it was much harder to shoot than a rifle.. just because it is harder to hold still.

These next two are of Trent with both guns. He is a great shot.. we won't go into everything that was shot at.

I have been the best female shooter in our family, but along came Emily. she was awesome with Trent's rifle.

At first Erika told her dad that she did not want to shoot because it would scare her. But she did finally ask him to let her shoot. Here she is with Papa shooting the pistol.

And here she is with her Dad.. Look at her eyes... she could see everyone doing that and looking through the scope. It was so funny watching her getting ready to shoot.

OK, that was really fun, can we do it again Dad? Watch out Emily, if she keeps going and I am sure with her Dad and Papa she will... she will be kicking both of our butts.

Just before we were getting ready to leave I thought that I would quickly show you the beautiful Mountains that were surrounding us. This first picture was East of us and just across the road, so I had my regular lens on my camera.

Now this was was to the left of us... Robert said that the peak just to the side of the pine trees is the back of Maple Mountain. I did put my middle lens on to get up to this one. Could not really tell you how far away it was but what I should have done is take one with the regular lens and then this one. Oh well I don't think of those things until after I get home. next time.

This last one is heading south. This one just to get to the highway is several miles. So this is just to show you how awesome my new lens is.
Anyway I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. I hope that your New Year is wonderful. Robert and I have several resolutions that we are going to keep , if not surpass them. Hopefully my next post will let you know what some of them are.
Sorry that this post was so long.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go Provo, go spanish fork

This Friday Provo plays Spanish Fork in Basketball. My awesome nephew plays for Provo. He is a senior this year and has signed with BYU for next year. Anyway my YW did not think that it was very nice of me to remind them to go to the game this Friday and look for my very good looking nephew. They asked me who I was going to cheer for.. I told them.. go spanish fork and
GO PROVO. Again they were not very happy with me. But they know I still love them.
I have not been able to get very many good pictures of Brandon this year. I swear he knows that I am taking his picture and turns just in time for me to miss the really great picture.

A couple of weeks ago I went and had T-shirts made for the Davies faithful. Kids and all. I am telling you that we have a great cheering section. I am pretty sure there are people who want to have as much fun as we do.

Last Saturday we took our Young Women to Salt Lake for a Super Saturday. We left Spanish Fork at 12:30 and went to the Festival of Tress. After we were done there we went into Salt Lake and went to the Joseph Smith building and watched the move... Joseph Smith. I have seen it a couple of times but I am telling you it is very powerful. If you have not had the chance to see it, make time and do it. After the movie was over we ate at the cafe in the Joseph Smith building. This was a first for me and it was wonderful. They have the best sandwiches and soup. I highly recommend it. After we were done eating we walked over to Temple Square to see the lights. There were so many people you could hardly move. Anyway it was beautiful . The girls had a great time. We then headed for home and got back into Spanish Fork at about 8:30. It was a long day but a great day. These are the times that you really get to know the young women and who they really are. I love them and I love my calling.
The young women are as bad as my family, I get my camera out and they think that the first thing that they are suppose to do is pull a face. They are wild and crazy. I guess that is why I love them.
They have this wonderful Nativity on the pond. This picture is not the best but it really was beautiful. I don't know why but I also thought that the Angel Moroni was awesome. Again not the best picture but still beautiful. Even though we can be crazy, the girls still have such great testimonies. I learn from them every week.