Monday, December 29, 2008

Late Christmas and shooting guns

Tiffany had her kids for Christmas this year so Trent, Emily & Erika slept over at our house on Christmas Eve. We had so much fun Christmas morning. It was so fun to have little kids for Christmas again. They just make it so much fun. All 3 of them did have to get woke up. Emily was having a hard time sleeping. LOL
Erika got a kitchen & all the accessories that go with it that all of the kids loved playing with. We had BBQ banana's, tea, boiled onions. And we were charged for our wonderful eats. She is kind of getting in to barbies also. so she got a couple of those so that she and Harley can play and have a great time.
Harley got everything High School Musical. Sleeping bag, barbies, back pack, clothes. etc. she was in Heaven. It was so fun to hear her say.... this is just exactly what I wanted. Every time she opened a present.
And then there is Oakley. As much as Harley loves HSM he loves CARS. He did not even want to open the next present, he just wanted to play with the one that he had just opened. If we did not keep him going it would have taken him all day to open his presents.
Trent and Emily spoiled each other. Just a couple of things... Trent got a tool box for his truck, clothes and more clothes... Emily got a great "hers" tool box I am sure so that she would leave Trent's tools alone. she also got an IPOD. They got more but those were their biggies.

On Saturday we went up Spanish Fork Canyon to shoot the guns. Here are alot of pictures... This first one is Trent putting up some targets for us ... I wanted you to see how deep the snow was.. it is up past his knees. There was so much we had to just pull over on the side of the road. To much to really pull off on a side road.

Robert got a new pistol for his birthday so they were excited to shoot it. I thought that it was much harder to shoot than a rifle.. just because it is harder to hold still.

These next two are of Trent with both guns. He is a great shot.. we won't go into everything that was shot at.

I have been the best female shooter in our family, but along came Emily. she was awesome with Trent's rifle.

At first Erika told her dad that she did not want to shoot because it would scare her. But she did finally ask him to let her shoot. Here she is with Papa shooting the pistol.

And here she is with her Dad.. Look at her eyes... she could see everyone doing that and looking through the scope. It was so funny watching her getting ready to shoot.

OK, that was really fun, can we do it again Dad? Watch out Emily, if she keeps going and I am sure with her Dad and Papa she will... she will be kicking both of our butts.

Just before we were getting ready to leave I thought that I would quickly show you the beautiful Mountains that were surrounding us. This first picture was East of us and just across the road, so I had my regular lens on my camera.

Now this was was to the left of us... Robert said that the peak just to the side of the pine trees is the back of Maple Mountain. I did put my middle lens on to get up to this one. Could not really tell you how far away it was but what I should have done is take one with the regular lens and then this one. Oh well I don't think of those things until after I get home. next time.

This last one is heading south. This one just to get to the highway is several miles. So this is just to show you how awesome my new lens is.
Anyway I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. I hope that your New Year is wonderful. Robert and I have several resolutions that we are going to keep , if not surpass them. Hopefully my next post will let you know what some of them are.
Sorry that this post was so long.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go Provo, go spanish fork

This Friday Provo plays Spanish Fork in Basketball. My awesome nephew plays for Provo. He is a senior this year and has signed with BYU for next year. Anyway my YW did not think that it was very nice of me to remind them to go to the game this Friday and look for my very good looking nephew. They asked me who I was going to cheer for.. I told them.. go spanish fork and
GO PROVO. Again they were not very happy with me. But they know I still love them.
I have not been able to get very many good pictures of Brandon this year. I swear he knows that I am taking his picture and turns just in time for me to miss the really great picture.

A couple of weeks ago I went and had T-shirts made for the Davies faithful. Kids and all. I am telling you that we have a great cheering section. I am pretty sure there are people who want to have as much fun as we do.

Last Saturday we took our Young Women to Salt Lake for a Super Saturday. We left Spanish Fork at 12:30 and went to the Festival of Tress. After we were done there we went into Salt Lake and went to the Joseph Smith building and watched the move... Joseph Smith. I have seen it a couple of times but I am telling you it is very powerful. If you have not had the chance to see it, make time and do it. After the movie was over we ate at the cafe in the Joseph Smith building. This was a first for me and it was wonderful. They have the best sandwiches and soup. I highly recommend it. After we were done eating we walked over to Temple Square to see the lights. There were so many people you could hardly move. Anyway it was beautiful . The girls had a great time. We then headed for home and got back into Spanish Fork at about 8:30. It was a long day but a great day. These are the times that you really get to know the young women and who they really are. I love them and I love my calling.
The young women are as bad as my family, I get my camera out and they think that the first thing that they are suppose to do is pull a face. They are wild and crazy. I guess that is why I love them.
They have this wonderful Nativity on the pond. This picture is not the best but it really was beautiful. I don't know why but I also thought that the Angel Moroni was awesome. Again not the best picture but still beautiful. Even though we can be crazy, the girls still have such great testimonies. I learn from them every week.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not so Sunny St. George

This year is the year that my kids, grand kids & siblings have Thanksgiving with someone besides me. So Robert and I usually go down to St. George to be with my parents on this off year. We look so forward to it. It is just so low key, sometimes we shop and most of the time we don't. We just get to play cards and enjoy each others company. We do have to be home for Sunday but it will still be a great time until Saturday.
I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and that we are all so thankful for what we have. Our warm houses, car, clothes, freedom & each other.
Christmas is now just around the corner and I can not wait, because this IS the year that my kids (Tyson & Lauren) in our hearts, but the rest at my house. I love having the little ones running around and seeing the excitement on their faces. I LOVE Christmas. I especially love it when I find something for someone that I think is so awesome and I hope that they think in awesome also. I almost can't keep a secret. I hope my kids will love it. Hopefully I will get some pictures this weekend for a post next week. Everyone Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Tiffany

Today is Tiffany's birthday.. I just want to wish her a happy one.
I was thinking about her this morning as I was getting ready for work and laughed out loud about the night she was born. I had been to the hospital 2 times and they had sent me home. Robert and I had decided that we would go to a Primary In service meeting, maybe that would take my mind off my situation. About half way through the meeting I told Robert that I was going to go downstairs and go the bathroom. I told him if I was not back in 10 minutes to come down and check on me. Well everything was fine until I got the the stairs and I could not even lift my legs to get up the stairs. I did not worry because I knew that he would be coming down to check on me right ? NOT. After waiting for quite some time I had to crawl up the about 20 stairs. My loving husband had forgot about me. When he seen my face he knew that it was time for us to leave. And then we had to turn around and go back down those stupid stairs. When we got home he was ready to leave for the hospital for the third time, I told him that we were going to wait for alittle bit because I was not going to be sent home again. He finally got me to leave the house about 10:45. We got to the hospital at 11:00 and Tiffany was born at 11:31 on 11-11-81. When Tiffany was younger she always thought that she was pretty special because they would have an assembly every year at school on her birthday. I am not sure how old she was when Trent told her that it was not for her and it was for the veterans.
We are so lucky to have her as part of our family. We love you Tiff and again hope that you have a great day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am Thankful

Tiffany and Emily both had this on their blog and I thought you know we all so much to be thankful for. So I thought that I would give it a shot.

A- America. I am so grateful for the country that I live in and the freedoms I have.
B-My boys. They take such good care of me. There Dad has taught them to be so respectful to me and all ladies.
C- Hello... my camera. I love it. I keep telling Robert that "one of these days" it really is going to make me some $$$. HaHa
D-Dog. I am probably the only one but I love my dog Hunter.
E- Electricity. I would have never been able to be a pioneer.
F-Family& Friends. I have a great family. From my own kids and grandkids to siblings and parents. I just so you know I have the best friends in the world. Love you all.
G- Grandkids... My grandkids are my life. I did not think I could love children as much as my own kids. But I do.
H-Happiness. My life is wonderful
J-Job. I have a great job, coworker and boss. I pretty much come and go as I want and do what I want.
K-Kisses. Robert told me this week that Oprah said that your kisses should last at least 10 seconds. Try it...
L-Love. It makes my day when one of my grandkids tell me that they lub me.
M-Money. I wish that we had more. But I am just so grateful that we both have good jobs.
N-Nose.. I am grateful to be able to smell.
O-Oreo shakes. Love it when they have big chunks.
P-Parents. They are the best. Anyone who knows my parents know what I am talking about.
Q- Quite time.. I love my evenings when everyone is gone to bed and the only noise is the sound of me on my laptop working on pictures. My favorite time of day.
R-Robert. He is my best friend. Just remember.. MOST !!!
S-Saturday & Sunday. Even though they are busy for me I still love the weekend
T-Tiff. She is the strongest girl I know. Well she acts strong but really is a softy/tender heart.
U-Uncles. This is a stretch, but my extended family is great.
V-Vehicle. Because I really would not want to walk to work each day.
W-Women. Thank you to all the women who I work with at church. I could not do it without you.
X-??? I am stumped.
Y- YW. I love my young women. I thought that I was to old for this job, but just last week one of my young women told me that they were so glad that I was in YW and that they had a leader who acted just like them. And then she said, by the way have you lost your "fart machine" I have not seen it for awhile. LOL
Z- zzzzzz I love my bed.

I tag anyone else who thinks like me that this was going to be easy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sad Day for Mom

So Tyson and Lauren left this morning for Seattle. They have to put their car on the ferry on Friday. And then Tyson and hopefully Lauren both get on their flight on Sunday. They are not sure about Lauren's flight yet. She may have to come back to Utah for a few days and then head out later. They will be so glad when they can get settled and be together. They have really spent more off their first year apart than together. I love them so much I am not really sure how I am going to make it through the next 3 years. It seems like a lifetime. But I am so proud of Tyson and what he is doing.
We took family pictures last Sunday. You know that I have to take about 15 pictures of Tyson to get 1 picture with him not doing something crazy. I will have to show some of their other pictures later. He is a ham and that is why we all love him so much.

For now I am just putting a couple of the family pictures up. I will post more later. I have not really had time to work on them. *** wanted to spend all of my time this week with Tyson and Lauren.

I love this one. Love the river. I really can not wait to come to this same spot when there is snow on the ground. Thanks Bruce and Janice for letting us come into your beautiful back yard.

Now any of you who know us.... you know that this is the real us. My family hates it but every time we take pictures I make them pull faces in at least one picture. I love all my kids and grandkids so much I can not even tell you. There was a day when I did not think that my kids would ever get along. But now that they are adults and have their own kids I think that they finally like each other. I love that they are looking out for each other. I am so thankful for the 2 wonderful daughters that have come into our family and the love and support that they bring.
Now that Tyson and Lauren are so far away from me, I am pretty sure that I will become a much better blogger. We love you both, we will miss you and we can not wait until the next time we get to give you a big hug and kiss.
One last funny note. After Tyson and Lauren left my office this morning my boss came into my office and asked if I was alright. When he saw the tears he stepped right back out and said. Let me know if I can talk to you the rest of the day or do I need to wait until tomorrow. I guess he knows you don't mess with a crying mother.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Take a good look

I want everyone to get a good look at the facial hair. For the second time in over 30 years, Robert has shaved it off. Well I guess I should say I shaved it off. And I will say he looks awesome.
We took family pictures yesterday, so you will get to see him later without it. I just have not even had time to down load them from my camera.
Anyway... Robert has been called as the 2nd councilor in the Bishopric. I am so proud of him. Our family is so greatful for the way he honor's his preisthood and the great example he is to all of us. He is pretty nervous, but I know that he will do wonderful. I am kind of glad that the High Council thing is over. For those of you who need a talk I have a file of over 2 years of them. I was so happy on Saturday afternoon when we were writing his last talk that he had to give yesterday afternoon.
Also, I want to thank those family members who supported Tyson and Lauren. They were so glad to see them on Saturday night. I think that it is finally setting in that 3 years is a long time.
Thank You to my wonderful friends who as always made sure that we had way to much food to eat. I love you guys.
Family pictures tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Robert's birthday was on Sunday the 12th. We had been out of town since Wednesday, got home Saturday night and I don't know about the rest of you, but Sunday is the busiest day for both of us. Anyway done with excuses.
After Church all the kids came over for dinner. It was fun to have all of us together. It has been awhile since we were able to do that. And with Tyson and Lauren leaving for Alaska in a few weeks it will be a long time before we get to do that again. So I wanted to soak it all in and did not get to my blog.
Robert is the best husband, dad and papa. He is always doing something for someone else. He is my life and I love him more today than the day I married him. He is my best friend and my sole mate. He can fix anything. He can make anything. He is the peacemaker, and he is a friend to everyone. Robert, I love you most.
I thought that I would post a couple of pictures of him. These will show you what a good sport he is. If he took pictures of me like I do him I would have to hurt him.
Here he is with Harley and Erika on one of our camping trips this summer. Once again being the good sport. As no one else would get in the water with them. Here he is with his best little buddy. Oakley loves his Papa. It is the first thing he says when he comes in the door. Where's papa.
Waiting for the shuttle after spending the week with Harley in Disneyland.
And of course our family favorite. His bitter beer face.
We love you Robert. Thanks for all you do for us. You are the best.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great Weekend !!!

We went down to St. George for the weekend to visit my parents. Trent, Emily, Erika, Tiffany, Harley and Oakley also went. It is so fun to see Great Granny and Grandpa with the kids. My Dad could hardly even had two minutes to his self before Oakley was tracking him down. I swear he had to sneak away to even get to the bathroom by his self.
It was a great weekend because we were able to just veg. Tent, Emily and Tiff went shopping for a little bit. But I was able to just stay at the house all weekend. I LOVED it.
We started home about 2:00 and the traffic was terrible. When we finally pasted Cedar City the traffic thinned out and was finally OK. Tiff and the kids were asleep in the back and Robert and I were totally enjoying the best of the Carpenters. ( don't laugh, have you listened to them lately?)
when the truck to the side of us which was pulling a hugh horse trailer blew a tire and started to swerve in and out of both lanes. I swear I just watched the trailer come so close to the truck I did not know how Robert was going to avoid a collision. But he was able to stay out of the way and they finally after what seemed like miles was able to get the truck and trailer under control. As we went pasted them I noticed that it was two women in the truck. We pulled over and by the time Robert got out of the truck they were sobbing. I am pretty sure that they were also not sure how they got out of that.
Anyway the passenger was our good friends Lynn and Chris Merrell's daughter Morgan.( small world). After about a hour delay we were back on the road.
When we got back in the truck , Robert said holy crap. I am not sure how we made it out of that. He said that he was really afraid that with the fishtailing they were doing he was sure that they were going start rolling.
You know when you watch your life flash in front of you like that it makes you realize that we really need to tell our family, friend and loved ones that we love them everyday. Because we really do not know what each day will bring.
So to my family and friends if you think that I have turned into a mushy dork, get use to it.
Sorry no pictures but I am sure that Brandi and Morgan would not really appreciate everyone seeing their raccoon eyes from crying.
So we finally got home just a little after 7:00. We put our stuff away and we are getting ready to leave about 10:00 to go and get Tyson at the airport. So I will get pictures up there and get them on here for tomorrow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday !!!

I am so glad that it is Friday. This week has been crazy at work. But I am so thankful this week was Cathy's last kemo treatment. I am so glad for her that she can be done be sick and try and have some kind of life, even if it is coming to work.
We are going to St. George for the weekend. I love going over conference. It is the St. George Marathon and I have a very good friend who runs in it. Even if you don't know anyone who is running, it is awesome to watch the runners come in to the finish line.
I am hoping that everyone will want to just veg so that I can work on some wedding pictures and some family pictures that I would love to have done and out of my hair by Monday.
And last but not least... Tyson flys into Salt Lake Sunday night about 11:00 pm. He will be home for the whole month of October before going to Alaska. We are hoping to have a get together for him and Lauren on the 25th so that all their family and friends can come and say goodbye and wish them luck in Alaska.
Sorry no pictures.. I will have some of Tyson when he gets home. Everyone have a great weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Photography !!!

OK... I know that it is to many pictures for one post, But I could not decide which ones to show you. I worked on these Bridals this weekend and can I say I love them. It is funny when I show pictures to different people and the ones that I like the best are not always the one's that some else likes the best. I have my 3-4 favorites in this group and was sure that Robert would love the same ones. But they were not the same ones. Let me know which ones are your favorites. And which technique is your favorite.
Corinne's wedding is this Saturday so be watching for more pictures of her and Kyle.
I just want to thank my family for always putting up with me when they see the camera come out. They are good sports.
Also thanks to Robert for being OK when I spend my little bit of spare time on my computer. Love you MORE...
I keep thinking that I am going to join the girls with there photo of the day, but I think that it will really be a problem with me, because I will not be able to decide which one to post.. LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK, so I stand corrected. Tyson was picked from the 160 soldiers for his awesome award that he got. His platoon however was only 40 something. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain works.
I will keep everyone posted as far as our get together for Tyson and Lauren before that head to Alaska.. We are still trying to work out the dates that they will be in town. I will let you know soon.
I talked to Tyson on Tuesday night and he is so far loving jump school. He said that they usually don't jump from anything in the first week or so and they do have them jumping from just about 30-40 feet. They are just waiting to jump from the sky... I think that I just wet my pants thinking about it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

We are home.... And Tyson is awesome

We got home from KY on Sunday afternoon. I have always thought that I was a patriotic person, but after what Tyson is doing and watching him at graduation the flag, the national anthem, our country and our freedom's have a whole new meaning.
I am so proud of him and what he is doing. I am so proud of how wonderful he did at boot camp. He got the top award called the Draper Leadership award. It is given to the soldier who has shown leadership skills throughout boot camp and the potential for future leadership roles. He was chosen out of 160 soldiers. I was so proud of him. But as we all know Tyson always does everything 110%. I took a ton of pictures but I have tried to keep them down to about a dozen or so.
When we got off the plane on on Wednesday we just barley had time to drive to the base for the dinner that night. They would have 5 or 6 soldiers come in at a time and everyone would clap and welcome them until they found their family. More and more kept coming and I thought, that Tyson he probably asked to be last just to make me wait the longest. Well he did not ask but he was the very last one. Because of some of his awards, he and his drill Sargent were out in the parking lot sewing on new badges. It is good that when Robert took this picture I was turned to the side or else you would see what a great big blubber head I am. He came in towards us with the biggest smile on his face. I just thought how handsome he was and what a great Man he had become.
Here is Tyson and his beautiful wife Lauren. As you can see she was as happy to see him and I was.

After all these years it is still pretty hard to get a smile out of Robert. He was a very proud Dad, even if he looks like a convict.

Tyson was the Platoon leader. He took his assignment keeping these 160 soldiers in line. After the graduation ceremony , these next 2 pictures was him getting them in line and order and going to the office to be processed.
After he was processed. He grabbed his "stuff" and was running up this hill. I probably could not even carry one of these bags and walk let alone run. He was in a hurry because he was leaving for jump school right after graduation and the sooner he got up to where the bus was meeting them and the sooner he got his clothes changed the more time we would have to visit with him. So we just ran behind him.
This is the 11 guys going to jump school getting their last instructions before the bus got there. We kept thinking that this guy was going to talk an talk and take up our little bit of time. But lucky for us the bus was late and we really did get just about 1 hour.
This is the Collette's they are from California and he and Tyson are both going to be stationed in Alaska. Lauren and his wife have become friends and it makes me fill good that they will have each other while they are so far away from home.

These two pictures are of course Tyson and Lauren saying goodbye one more time. Even though jump school is only 3 weeks it was so hard to say goodbye to him again. These last 2 was the loading of the bus and the bus and the boys leaving their mothers, wife's and girlfriends.

This next 3 weeks will not be quite and bad and Tyson will have his phone with him this time. He has been able to call each night after he gets done with his classes. It is so nice to be able to hear his voice. He of course is working hard again and trying to do his best.

He will be home for some time in October before they leave for Alaska. Because we really did not get to have a send off for him we are going to have a get together for all of Tyson and Lauren's friends and family. I have to wait to get his schedule tied down a little better but it will either be on Saturday October 11th or the following Saturday the 18th. Please mark you calendars and I will get information out as soon as possible.
Tyson we all love you and are so proud of you.