Monday, September 15, 2008

We are home.... And Tyson is awesome

We got home from KY on Sunday afternoon. I have always thought that I was a patriotic person, but after what Tyson is doing and watching him at graduation the flag, the national anthem, our country and our freedom's have a whole new meaning.
I am so proud of him and what he is doing. I am so proud of how wonderful he did at boot camp. He got the top award called the Draper Leadership award. It is given to the soldier who has shown leadership skills throughout boot camp and the potential for future leadership roles. He was chosen out of 160 soldiers. I was so proud of him. But as we all know Tyson always does everything 110%. I took a ton of pictures but I have tried to keep them down to about a dozen or so.
When we got off the plane on on Wednesday we just barley had time to drive to the base for the dinner that night. They would have 5 or 6 soldiers come in at a time and everyone would clap and welcome them until they found their family. More and more kept coming and I thought, that Tyson he probably asked to be last just to make me wait the longest. Well he did not ask but he was the very last one. Because of some of his awards, he and his drill Sargent were out in the parking lot sewing on new badges. It is good that when Robert took this picture I was turned to the side or else you would see what a great big blubber head I am. He came in towards us with the biggest smile on his face. I just thought how handsome he was and what a great Man he had become.
Here is Tyson and his beautiful wife Lauren. As you can see she was as happy to see him and I was.

After all these years it is still pretty hard to get a smile out of Robert. He was a very proud Dad, even if he looks like a convict.

Tyson was the Platoon leader. He took his assignment keeping these 160 soldiers in line. After the graduation ceremony , these next 2 pictures was him getting them in line and order and going to the office to be processed.
After he was processed. He grabbed his "stuff" and was running up this hill. I probably could not even carry one of these bags and walk let alone run. He was in a hurry because he was leaving for jump school right after graduation and the sooner he got up to where the bus was meeting them and the sooner he got his clothes changed the more time we would have to visit with him. So we just ran behind him.
This is the 11 guys going to jump school getting their last instructions before the bus got there. We kept thinking that this guy was going to talk an talk and take up our little bit of time. But lucky for us the bus was late and we really did get just about 1 hour.
This is the Collette's they are from California and he and Tyson are both going to be stationed in Alaska. Lauren and his wife have become friends and it makes me fill good that they will have each other while they are so far away from home.

These two pictures are of course Tyson and Lauren saying goodbye one more time. Even though jump school is only 3 weeks it was so hard to say goodbye to him again. These last 2 was the loading of the bus and the bus and the boys leaving their mothers, wife's and girlfriends.

This next 3 weeks will not be quite and bad and Tyson will have his phone with him this time. He has been able to call each night after he gets done with his classes. It is so nice to be able to hear his voice. He of course is working hard again and trying to do his best.

He will be home for some time in October before they leave for Alaska. Because we really did not get to have a send off for him we are going to have a get together for all of Tyson and Lauren's friends and family. I have to wait to get his schedule tied down a little better but it will either be on Saturday October 11th or the following Saturday the 18th. Please mark you calendars and I will get information out as soon as possible.
Tyson we all love you and are so proud of you.


Greg.Bre said...

WOW!!!! Those pictures totally had me crying. Especially the last ones of him and Lauren...He is so awesome! I didn't know he was the leader of the 160 men there. That's so awesome!! What an amazing person Tyson is! I'm glad you guys were able to see him! Thanks for all the pics.

Shari Davis said...

How can you read that and not have tears in your eyes! It makes me so proud of Tyson and all that he's accomplishing! I know it's really helping him to know that he has such an awesome, supportive wife and family who love him and are so proud of him! Being an American really does have a whole new meaning!!! Thanks for sharing such a special moment! We love Tyson and are so proud of him!

Bill & Ellen Thompson said...

I also was on the verge of tears. Way to go Tyson for being such a great leader and making us all proud. Keep the post coming Gayle, it is so great to hear about your family and the amazing things Tyson is doing. I asked about Tyson's e-mail when I forwarded Brady's letter. We would love to write him if we can. Ellen

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

those are some cute pictures Gayle! Thanks for taking them.

I had so much fun hanging out with you and Robert. Can't wait to see you so soon!

The Hancock Fam said...

Cute pics Gayle! Hey about the lessons, I'd love to. However, it would have to be soon, because it looks like I may be moving to St George by the end of Sept. So get my # from my mom, and call me ;)

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

So Tyson was laughing when he read the post tonight and told me he is in charge of 41 guys not the whole 160.

Either way we are super proud of him...right Gayle! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures

Randy & JoAnna said...

Isn't Oct. 11th Roberts Birtday? We can really celebrate!!