Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK, so I stand corrected. Tyson was picked from the 160 soldiers for his awesome award that he got. His platoon however was only 40 something. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain works.
I will keep everyone posted as far as our get together for Tyson and Lauren before that head to Alaska.. We are still trying to work out the dates that they will be in town. I will let you know soon.
I talked to Tyson on Tuesday night and he is so far loving jump school. He said that they usually don't jump from anything in the first week or so and they do have them jumping from just about 30-40 feet. They are just waiting to jump from the sky... I think that I just wet my pants thinking about it.

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Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

you're funny! i love the correction! funny funny.