Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well I should say Tyson is in the United States. He finally arrived in Alaska on Sunday night. He was suppose to be there Thursday night but was delayed a few days. I am pretty sure that it was a very long weekend for Lauren and Jordan just waiting.
I can not even imagine the excitment when these men walked into the room where their loved ones were waiting for them. You know me... tears tears and more tears. I was at home crying just seeing the pictures that Lauren was sending over on her phone.
And I am pretty sure that it was a great site for the men to see their family. I can not even imagine having to leave my spouse and baby behind.
We as a family are so proud of you Tyson. Even though this has been one of the hardest things for me as a mother to watch and live through, I AM the proudest mother around. The sacrafice that is made for all of us is unreal.
Before Tyson joined the Army, I thought that I was a patriotic person. I love my country, the flag, my freedoms. But when you have a loved one that is serving our country it gives you a whole new perspective. My family will tell you that the tears flow pretty much all the time. It does not matter if it is the National Athem at a ball game, Hyums at Church or even the prayers at church when they are thankful for our servicemen. Yeah you name it, it makes me cry. BUT... that is what Mother's are suppose to do right ?
Tyson, we are all so proud of you. We all thank you for what you have done and what you are still doing. We are so thankful that you are back on US soil and we are so looking forward to March/April when we can see you in person again. I will be so happy for you when Lauren is done with school and your little family can be ALL together, even if it is in Alaska. But we do have our fingers crossed for a trainer job.
On the Davies side of the family we currently have 4 men serving our country. My niece Shari's husband Ben is serving and just left his family for awhile. Our nephew Shaun just returned home, and another nephew Jason currently serving also. Thank you , we love you , we pray for you and we are so so proud of each of you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If I only had a brain !!!

So I get this email today asking if there was anything that I forgot about when I was updating the blog yesterday. Then I was reminded.... HELLO
Tiffany was married in October to Adam Jackson. Who if you did not know is wonderful to her and her kids. They went to High School together and knew each other and now find out the they both secretly liked each other. They just had to wait 10 years to connect. I love it when I hear Harley and Oakley call him Dad. We are so happy to have Adam as part of our family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes... we are still alive

So Lauren told me that she was not going to update her blog until I did. I have been such a slacker. So I am going to try and be better and not let 4-5 months go by again. LOL
So in September we had our Ward Youth Conference. We took the kids to one of our members house in Alpine, you know you have to get them away from home or they want to come and go. Anyway we READ the Book of Mormon in 2 days. I told the kids that we would read, listen to the CD's and have the Bishopric summarize for us. They did not like that at all. They said if we are going to say that we read it in 2 days ... then we are going to read it. It was an awesome spiritual experience and everyone who was there will never forget it. I know that Robert and I will not.
In October Robert turned the big "50" I know you can not believe it. But he did. Also October was a sad/bad month for me. I had about 3000 pictures on my external hard drive and they were all lost. I cried like a baby.
In November Thanksgiving was great. This was the year for my whole family to get together, we had everyone there but Tyson, Lauren & Jordan and a niece & her husband so we had a great time. I also after almost 5 years as young women's president was release. I love my "girls" I know that it was time for someone else to have the opportunity but I sure do miss them. That same day I was put in as a Den Leader for the 8 & 9 year old scouts. I have not done this since Trent was 8. And let me tell you these boys are sure different than the YW. After the first week I told Robert that I was not sure I could do it, they wore me out. But finally this last week I came home and said I guess that I can do this. NOT for 5 years but I can do it.
December... This was our off year. So it was really quite boring. Tiff and Adam called and said that they had the kids for a couple of hours on Christmas morning and did we want to come and watch them open their presents. It is probably a good thing because other wise I am not sure that we would have gotten out of our PJ's for 2 days.
I can not remember that last time that I was excited for the new year to come. I have been so excited to January to come because that meant Tyson would be on his way home to American soil. We will still not see him until about Easter , but I can talk to him and hear his voice every single day. But now we are looking forward to April. And last but not least don't let anyone tell you that you are never to old to take piano lessons. They are getting harder, what is up with that ? I swear the only reason my teacher keeps coming is to have her weekly laugh. We will see how long I can hold out. I keep thinking all the times I told my kids that when you start something you will finish it. Me and my big mouth.
So there you go , the short version of the last few months, sorry no pictures. I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2010.