Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great Weekend !!!

We went down to St. George for the weekend to visit my parents. Trent, Emily, Erika, Tiffany, Harley and Oakley also went. It is so fun to see Great Granny and Grandpa with the kids. My Dad could hardly even had two minutes to his self before Oakley was tracking him down. I swear he had to sneak away to even get to the bathroom by his self.
It was a great weekend because we were able to just veg. Tent, Emily and Tiff went shopping for a little bit. But I was able to just stay at the house all weekend. I LOVED it.
We started home about 2:00 and the traffic was terrible. When we finally pasted Cedar City the traffic thinned out and was finally OK. Tiff and the kids were asleep in the back and Robert and I were totally enjoying the best of the Carpenters. ( don't laugh, have you listened to them lately?)
when the truck to the side of us which was pulling a hugh horse trailer blew a tire and started to swerve in and out of both lanes. I swear I just watched the trailer come so close to the truck I did not know how Robert was going to avoid a collision. But he was able to stay out of the way and they finally after what seemed like miles was able to get the truck and trailer under control. As we went pasted them I noticed that it was two women in the truck. We pulled over and by the time Robert got out of the truck they were sobbing. I am pretty sure that they were also not sure how they got out of that.
Anyway the passenger was our good friends Lynn and Chris Merrell's daughter Morgan.( small world). After about a hour delay we were back on the road.
When we got back in the truck , Robert said holy crap. I am not sure how we made it out of that. He said that he was really afraid that with the fishtailing they were doing he was sure that they were going start rolling.
You know when you watch your life flash in front of you like that it makes you realize that we really need to tell our family, friend and loved ones that we love them everyday. Because we really do not know what each day will bring.
So to my family and friends if you think that I have turned into a mushy dork, get use to it.
Sorry no pictures but I am sure that Brandi and Morgan would not really appreciate everyone seeing their raccoon eyes from crying.
So we finally got home just a little after 7:00. We put our stuff away and we are getting ready to leave about 10:00 to go and get Tyson at the airport. So I will get pictures up there and get them on here for tomorrow.


Trent & Emily Davies said...

Holy cow you already blogged about the weekend?!?! You put all the rest of us to shame!! I probably will take all week blogging about it!

Its true though that moments like that make you really appreciate everyone and think about how sad you would be if someone were to die and you didn't tell them how much you care about them!!

I love you!!! I feel extremely blessed to have some amazing in-laws!

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

thats a crazy story. I am glad you guys were there to help those poor girls. How scary. You guys were def there at the right time because you guys are soo good in situations like that. Robert is so smart!

I love you guys too! Like Emily said we lucked out and got some pretty GREAT in laws.

Greg.Bre said...

How scary! Reminds me of the time you and Robert were taking Shari and I back to Cokeville and outside of Evanston some retard cut us off. I remember Robert swearing...and that's pretty much'm glad everyone was safe!

I totally can't wait to see some pics!! I too love photography!

Bill & Ellen Thompson said...

I love the Carpenters!! We have that CD too, I think! Too funny! I'm glad you could be of help to those 2 girls. What a scary experience! We too, love you guys.