Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boring Update RE: no pictures

Because I did not get a Christmas card sent out I thought that I would send out a New Year's update.
First of all... We are leaving on January 29th for the balmy weather in Alaska. Yeah right, I am going to have to get a coat, since I do not own one right now. I am pretty sure we will be packing the long underware. But we thought that we needed to go and visit Tyson and Lauren before he leaves in February. I am so excited to go and see them. I WILL suffer through the freezing cold weather. I will be taking a ton of pictures so watch for those. I wish that the tickets were not so stinkin expensive so that we could take the rest of the family. But I would have to put a 2nd on the house. LOL.
We are so excited for February to roll around as Trent and Emily are going to be having our 4th grand baby. She is going to be Alexis Camryn ... Lexie. Now Trent is still holding out that she comes out a Henry or Joe. But even when she is Lexie he will be a great Dad and just happy that she is healthy and here.
Tyson and Lauren will be having baby # 5 in July. As of now we do not know if it is a he or a she. So we will be going to San Diego in July.. Now that is my kind of weather.
We are keeping pretty busy with just everyday life. Between Robert's calling in the Bishopric and my calling in YW, Trent's basketball on Monday's and Fireman's on Thursday , and Brandon's ballgames a couple times a week,(He is going to be an NBA star and we always want him to remember who his favorite aunt and uncle are) we do try and get a "date" of some kind in on Friday night or Saturday. But I would not have it any other way.
We are happy and trying to do the things that we should be doing and just keeping busy to keep us young. I am not sure how this is happening, but everyone is getting older but us. Help me out. The other day at work we were talking about the ages of our kids.. When I said that Trent was born in 1979 my boss said , how old are you ? I laughed out loud and reminded him that I was his same age. He was pretty sure he was not as old as me.
Anyway I hope that everyone's 2009 will be wonderful. I do have some new years resolutions, maybe my next post I will go into more detail on them.


Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

ohh you stinker i was hoping that this post would talk about your resolutions. I totally agree with you on the weather of san diego versus alaska!HAHA

can't wait to see you guys

The Smiths said...

Have fun in Alaska! I bet you thought once all the kids were finally out of the house you wouldn't be as busy!