Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Soldier

Tyson leaves for Afghanistan on the 19th for 12 months. I decided that I am going to blog about him for the next five days before he leaves. I hope that he don't get mad at me but I am probably going to tell things about him that he might not want me to. Oh well, I know that he loves me and it will be OK. Tonight I just want to let him know how proud I am of him. Even though I wish he was right here is good old Spanish Fork with me. He does fill very strong about what he is doing and knows that he is where he is suppose to be. I am glad that he got his job in headquarters as he will have access to his laptop and his phone while he is away.
These two pictures are of him while he was in boot camp in KY. This first one was is July when Lauren was able to go out and spend the weekend with him.

This one is when Robert, Lauren and I went out in September for his graduation on September 11th. He received some awesome awards and we knew after leaving KY that we was going to do great things with and for the Army.
Tyson and Lauren are expecting their first baby in July. So hopefully he will be able to come home (San Diego) for a couple of weeks in July.
I am not the best blogger but stay tuned for the goods on Tyson for the next couple of days.
Love you Ty.

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