Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sorry !!!

Sorry, Please don't look to close at this last post. I sent it through without spell checking and I am pretty sure it is bad. Because I am the world's worst speller. So sorry


Bill & Ellen Thompson said...

I enjoy reading your blogs, errors and all!! Keep them coming.

Mama & Papa Griz said...

I love what you are doing. It is so neat to have all of this written down. The military life is a big adjustment but ya'll will get through it and just think of all of the fun places you will get to see in the world.

Ashley G. said...

I was reading one of the blogs below and laughed SO HARD at the cooking oil incident with Whitney and Tyson. I'd never heard that before. Something I'll always remember about Tyson is from a home video we have of him and Whit when they were about 5 or 6. They were playing in our hot tub and Tyson saw my mom with the camera and turned around and MOONED her!