Monday, February 16, 2009

Did You Know ?

Here are some random things that you may or may not know about Tyson.

1. It is very hard to get a serious picture with him there.
2. When he was 3 he fell into a fire pit at the Ward Father & Son's.
3. Tried to Rollerblade down the metal slide at the Park School.
4. Tried to cut the training wheels off his bike. ( they were for babies)
5. Taught his self to ride a bike by leaning the bike against the car and pushing him self off.
6. Rode a 4 wheeler for several miles, leaning down to shift with his hand, because he had broken his leg. Know one knew he was hurt until they all got the car.
7. Was due in March and was not born until May 9th.. ( see tomorrow's post)
8. His best friend while growing up was the next door neighbor girl. And they are still best friends today.
9. Went to High School in Cokeville WYO.
10. He was one of 16 class mates his age. There were 6 boys and 3 of them were named Tyson.
11. Was shot in the eye with a air soft gun at close range. LUCKY
12. Weighed 9lbs 5oz at birth
13. Was not embarrassed to have him Mom drop him off at the Jr. High AND give her a kiss goodbye.
14. While in High School his football team took State 3 years in a row.
15. Loves to read
16. Loves to tease
17. Loves to sneak up on you and scare the crap out of you.
18. He has worked for a brick mason, a framing contractor, at a gas station, a hotel, been a waiter & the Army.
19. Shortest job... 8 hours graveyard shift at Maceys
20. He has long toes. His second toe is longer than my little finger.
21. He can make a dog yapping sound and hit the car and it sounds just like he ran over a dog. (you have to be there)
22. Can text so fast.. He should enter a contest.
23. We did not know what we were going to name him. A couple of weeks before he was born a Tyson Chicken Chunk commercial came on.. I said that is it... Tyson.
24. He would yell & scream at the common wall in our apartment so that Norma Larsen would here him. She thought that Trent was beating him up. Tyson would get warm cookies the next day and she would not give any to Trent.
25. Not afraid to dress up.. RE: Halloween, to cheer on the girls basketball team etc.
26. He LOVES his nieces and nephews. And they love him.
27. Prior to the Army I am pretty sure that he used more product on his hair than most girls.
28. He was asked to join the cheer squad at Dixie College
29. Not afraid to fart in a group of people, strangers or not.
30. Has size 12 feet.
31. On the Garbe side of the family, there are 4 cousins his same age. 2 boys and 2 girls.
33. He as his cousin Whitney when they about 4 dumped about 3 gallons of cooking oil on the kitchen floor while I was in the shower. When I came down stairs they were stripped down and sliding all over the place. It took days and days to get the oil cleaned up.
34. He eats fast and lots.
35. And last but not least he had the lead male role in the High School play.. Annie get your Gun.
He had to sing a solo. If I did not have it on tape, I would have never believed it.

I am pretty sure that I could come up with much more, but this will do for now.
Love you Tyson.


Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

gotta love the little dipper joke!haha Cute lil facts that you did about ty.

Whats up with no one commenting these days? We love them

Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

haha i meant me and you are the only one's commenting these days! haha

Gayle said...

I knew that is what you meant.. and after I sent you the remark, I thought that I should tell everyone to pay as much attention to their blog as they do face book. LOL. I am lucky to blog, let alone try something else. Harley is standing here and she wanted to type... so this is her
i love you. love, harley

Shari Davis said...

I'm commenting! I love these little facts about Ty! He's so awesome! And I honestly am so proud of him!!! I know my hubby will do everything he can to keep Ty safe!