Sunday, February 15, 2009


Tyson has always been my child who at the drop of the hat he would decide that he was going to do something. A couple of years ago he came home and said that he was going to go to hair school. We thought what the heck. There was no talking him out of it. He had decided that he was going to do it. He had checked out the school's and knew that he was going to go to Renaissance in Provo and when he was going to start. We thought that he was crazy. After he started of course everyone loved him and he was doing well. But then everywhere he goes and everything he does everyone seems to love him. Well the first time I went over there to have him do my hair I told him that I wanted it all cut off. I mean I wanted it short. I think the only reason he was nervous is because I was his mother. But he did an awesome job. When leaving there I thought, well maybe he has found his niche. And he was going to go somewhere and make the big bucks. Now I am pretty sure that he will not be doing hair for a living. We have now realized the reason that he went to that school, at that time. He meet his wife... You know when he tells me that there is a reason for what he is doing, I really need to start listening to him.
We are so happy to have Lauren as part of our family. Here are a couple of pictures of them back in November 2007.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog. I am thinking 50 things that you may not know about Tyson... And if it is only 30 you will know that he can't keep everything a quite.
Love you Tyson.

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Tyson and Lauren Davies said...

Okay I think the prego part of me is really starting to come out because the other day I started crying telling tyson about the calendar...and I almost about cried reading this one! I am totally loving these blogs about tyson. THANK YOU and love you tons