Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Whirl Wind

My Young Women have their fund raiser every year on the Saturday before Mother's Day making corsages. We get the order's from the men in our ward and then we make them and deliver them on Saturday. After a couple of years of really hard work it has turned into a great fund raiser.
While I was at the church the rest of the family went to the Spanish Fork Fireman's 100th Birthday celebration. There was a breakfast, a parade with fire trucks from all over Utah. Then there was a program at the ball field. They all said that it was awesome to see the old trucks and the retired firefighters. Robert is the Historian for the department so he has Emily do a CD to music with picture from 1908 to 2008. She did a wonderful job. It was alot of work for her but it was very much appreciated by everyone.
Sunday was a wonderful Mother's Day. After church we went and took some family pictures and then went to Trent and Emily's and watch the Jazz kick the Laker's butt's. After that we went down to my sisters house and had a family mother's day dinner. And most important, Robert gave me the best Mother's Day/Birthday present.... A new lens for my camera that I have been crying for, for quite awhile. I am really going to have to start making some money with my camera. HAHA
Tuesday Tyson had to leave for SLC. And This morning Robert and I went up while he was swearing in. I am glad that we were able to be there. Even though this whole Army things scares the crap out of me, I AM so proud of him.

Here are a couple of pictures that I was able to take.


Tyson & Lauren Davies said...

holy have more than one blog post and....swallowing really

YEAH you figured it out. well im hoping you did it by yourself so you can take all the credit for it.

Those are cute pictures. Can't believe he's gone. It will go by faster than I think and in no time he'll be teasing me.

Shari Davis said...

Hi Aunt Gayle!! I'm so excited to see you have a blog!!!

tiffany carter said...

Well I am glad that I, I mean you did these! haha.. okay I just helped.. We need to get some more pics up for you! Love ya!

Trent & Emily Davies said...

Man I can't believe he is gone...I wish we would have known more information about when he was leaving so we could hang out longer on Monday night instead of going home and crashing! We would have gone up to SLC too if we had known about it!

Greg & Breanne said...

Oh, those pictures make me cry...(happy cry of course!) that's so crazy...but it's fun to see some new stuff on your blog!! By the way, do you have an address I can write tyson at?