Monday, May 19, 2008

Love Weekends

On Thursday night Robert and I decided that we would run up the canyon for the weekend. No one was around so it was just him and me. It was good that I had to run down for a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon, because by about 10:00 a.m. saturday morning he was bored. You know when we go with the whole family he is complaining (HAHA) about having to bring the kids 4 wheeler, the kids bikes, our bikes, the wagon etc... But I laughed at him because he really did not have the best time without everyone there. If you know Robert, he can not just sit and read a book or enjoy the sun. Anyway I am not sure that there will be many more weekends without the kids.
On Sunday afternoon we received a phone call from a lady who visited with Tyson at church on Sunday. She asked him if he wanted her to call anyone. So she called Lauren and us. She wanted to know if he was at church the following sunday did I want her to tell him anything, so of course you all know me. I started blubbering. I told her just to give him a big hug and kiss and tell him that we love him and are proud of him. She kind of laughed and said you want me to kiss him. Anyway it was very nice of her to take the time and do that. We do not have an address yet. I am hoping that we get something this week.
Last but not least. Bre I laughed out loud when I read your post about the cookies... I have one to tell on the same line.
It was April fools day a few years ago and Robert had put one of the guys that he works with up to calling me and telling me that he was new in town and he needed to insure his house, cars, boat, 4 wheelers and last but not least his body parts as he was a dancer.. Then he paused, and said can you do this, I knew this was Robert's doing so I said you bet we can . All I will need is for you to stop by our office and I will have to inspect each and every body part. There was a very long puase... I could hear the guys laughing in the background. I said why don't you tell them what I said, He said out loud... He did and the busted up laughing.
Later that afternoon I went to Albertson's and bought 2 trays of brownies.. I drove up to Trojan and as soon as I got to the breakroom several of the guys including Robert came out and said boy did you get us good.. our joke backfired on us.. haha.. So you are bringing brownies to say you are sorry.. I just smiled and said yes.. 2 of the guys took the brownies from me and started to walk off, Robert said WHAT A MINUTE... Gayle what did you do to them, I looked really innocent and said nothing, but be sure to eat the ones in the middle first and drove off.
That night Robert came home and said I hope that I don't lose my job, you know so of the bosses came over and at some of those brownies and if any of them get sick I am dead. The best part of this joke was that there was not anything wrong with them and it was great to just watch them and have them think there was. I think if you ask Robert today. He will tell you that I did do something to those brownies.
Have a great day !


Victor & Michelle said...

Holy cow! See what happens when you don't keep your blog updated! jk.. The pictures of tyson are really cool..

Greg & Breanne said...

Do you have a website of your work? You really should get one, so I have yet another photography blog to look at! :) With the gift certificates, do you offer to do the pictures for free? I am still debating on that one.