Monday, September 20, 2010

Still Trying to catch up !!!

May was pretty uneventful. Besides a million birthday's not much really happened. I am however glad when May rolls around because of course the last weekend being Memorial Day starts our camping for the summer. I love the mountains and wish I could just pull my trailer up their and stay the whole summer. Robert and I did get roped onto the committee for Fiesta Days. I will get even with Richard somehow someway. So stay tuned for details on that.
May also brought us to our 2nd annual scholarship given at Spanish Fork High School by "Colton's Angels". I love this group, it makes me fill so good when we make, donate , help and inspire other's to give and to appreciate life. If you don't know about Colton's Angels and want to, fill free to give me a call for details.
The excitement for June was when the Primary Chorister called and asked me to sub for her. I started laughing . Really I was laughing out loud. She asked me what was so funny. I told her that I can either sing or wave my arm. They DO NOT work at the same time. She said you will be fine, forget about the arm if you have to. I will drop my bag off to you in the next couple of days. That was that and I started practicing. If any of you have ever been in Primary you know just how honest the kids are. I knew that I was going to be in trouble come Sunday. Sunday rolled around and then my next dilemma came. I had to find some to wear. Not a problem you say.... well I knew that I was going to be getting a workout , you know trying to sing and move my arm at the same time. So I could not be over dressed. But then I had to make sure that I had something with at least 3/4 sleeves because I recently have a hugh problem with... you guessed it. Relief Society arms. If they for some reason did not laugh at just the leading, they would laugh at the RS arms. By the time I was done I decided it was not really that bad, but I was glad it was over. I am not going to wish that I never have to do it again, because if I do you guessed it, it will be my next dang calling.
Just a few things looking forward to July and August.. Our hike up Front Mountain, 24th of July,Ty & family in town, family reunion and a few other's ... Later

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gayle. I hope you get this this way. I don't have your email address. Email me and I'll get you the info on signing up for the classes.