Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Part 2.... April

April 11th was our Anniversary. Where in the heck did 31 years go ? I am pretty sure that there were people in both our families that did not think we would last 1 year, let alone 31. I am so blessed to have had Robert come into my life. You know I just thought that I loved him back then. We are more in love now and with each day,month, year that passes that love just grows deeper and stronger. I thought that I would tell you 31 things that I love about Robert. We will see how I do.
1. He is so kind... to everyone 2. handsome 3. FORGIVING 4. funny 5. honest 6. Great Dad 7. Smart.. just ask Connie 8. handy- he can fix almost anything 9. tells me he loves me SEVERAL times a day. 10. Always on time... No always 15-30 minutes early 11. great listener 12. Awesome Papa 13. Loving Brother 14. great friend 15. helpful 16. peacemaker 17. loving 18. Did I say handsome ? 19. hard worker 20. thoughful 21. great example 22. says my cooking is great, even when it's not. 23. very supportive- my calling is his calling. 24. Does not complain when I want to see a chick flick. 25. loves to snuggle. 26. honors his priesthood 27. great cook- loves sweets 28. loves to dance-only knows the good old "bear hug" 29. respectful 30. Did I say handsome ? 31. just all around "AWESOME"
I could have kept going and going. Any of you who know Robert I am sure can think of more great things about him, but we will stop as he will already be mad. He is always telling me to blog about something/anything but him.
I love you Robert. Thank you for putting up with me all these years. I look forward to the next 31.

To end the month of April we went down to St. George with our "Bunco" group for our annual Spring weekend. We are so lucky to have these five couples as friends. They are all awesome. We had a great time as we always do. We play and eat and laugh and eat somemore and then laugh somemore. And I am looking forward to our Fall weekend in September.
Stay tuned for Part 3.

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