Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Almost July !!!

So we made it through May. Of course everything went just fine. June has been just about as crazy. The first weekend our "Bunco" group went camping. We have six couples who have gotten together once a month for dinner for over 10 years. I love these people, they are our best friends. We have camped together, vacationed together, pulled off weddings together, we have been through sad times and happy times together. I just don't tell them enough how much I love and appreciate them.
The next weekend Robert and I went from Thursday to Saturday with the Young Women of our ward for our Certification Camp. We have done this now for a couple of years. We get ALL of our Certification done so that while we are at Stake Camp we can have fun. And we do.
Robert had the ward Father's and Son's the 3rd weekend. Trent, Oakley were able to go with him and I think they had a good time. They did miss Tyson though.
July is really just around the corner now and I am looking so forward to it. There is of course lots of camping. Trent and Emily are blessing Lexi . Girls Camp. Tyson and Lauren's baby Jordan birth-day, and Tyson coming home for a week or so some time in July. Not sure of the dates yet, but when I know I will let everyone know so we can get together. You know I am always looking for a reason for a party.
I have sewing like crazy to do.... So many projects, so much material, where is my sewing room ? Some friends are getting together to sew every Thursday evening. I am going to try and fit it in my schedule. LOL
Sorry no pictures I will get them off my camera and share.

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