Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is it July yet ?

OK , so I have been a big time slacker for the last several weeks. So here is a quite update. Back in April we had told Harley that we would go camping during spring break. She loves to camp as much as we do. In fact she gets a little ticked if we go on the weekend that she is at her Dad's. We have learned that we can not tell her. Anyway we are planning on going Wednesday the 15th after work. When we get up the weather is crappy and it just gets worse as the day goes on. We decide that we probably are not going to go, and then the alligator tears start, you promised. So you guessed it we hooked up the trailer and headed up to Diamond Fork. Thursday morning I had to go to work, we get up at 7:00 and Robert had to shovel, yes shovel 7-8 inches of snow just so I could get to the car. Thursday was a pretty good day and by noon the snow was gone. So they had a great day while I was gone. Besides the snow that morning it was a great weekend.
Emily & the girls spent pretty much the month of April in CA. so we delayed our Easter celebration until they got home. A couple of years ago I decided that along with the kids Easter egg hunt I was going to have one for the adults. Well let me tell you I think my kids now like Easter as much as Christmas. I can not even show you pictures because they never work out. I am laughing so hard they are just blurry. They are all pretty competitive. I always want to even out the eggs in the end so every gets the same amount and they say NO way, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. And when there is money involved you better watch out they may just leave shoe marks on your back.
Now to May.. We have a dance competition, dance recital, bridal shower that I am in charge of on the same day as my Young Women make 125 mother's day corsages. A wedding, a missionary homecoming, a baby shower that again I am in charge of. And to top it off so far about 6 graduation pictures and announcements to do.
This is all besides mine and Roberts regular busy schedule. During the week we pretty much say Hi and Bye as we pass each other in the doorway. Oh how I miss the days when my kids were little and I could just play with them. I guess this is what keeps us young. Or is going to kill us.
Now lets not even start with June. Annual couple Bunco trip to St. George, 2 night Young Women's Certification Camp, Father and Son's (yeah, I will have a night off ) and our Ward youth conference for two days.
But really I am grateful that I am able to do what I can. I am so thankful for good health, a great husband and the church and our callings that keep us going. I am thankful for good kids who are always there to help when they can.

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