Monday, August 25, 2008

What weekend !!!

I don't know about anyone else, but the weekends just go by way to fast. We did however have a great one. Last month I told you about our couple's Bunco group going camping. Well we went again this last weekend. Sorry no pictures. We were having so much fun I just forgot to get it out. There are 6 couple's and we are the best of friends. It was fun once again to spend the weekend together. We will not have a month off and then we are going on our annual fall retreat down in St. George which we all look so forward to also. My boss has a beautiful house down there that are group goes to twice a year. It is perfect with it's 6 bedrooms.
Back to our camping trip... It was about 10:30 Friday night and the camp host camp to our campfire and told us that there was a crime scene down in loop B. Please do not leave our camp. We asked what happened and he would not tell us anything. That was a little scary to me. Needless to say Robert slept on the outside of the bed that night, not me. I know I am a wimp. The next morning Ron the camp host told me that from what he gathered it was a drug deal gone bad. What a scary world we live in.
This next weekend is Labor Day weekend and we are going camping again. Our sister in law Cheryl and her family are big camper's and we always go with them over Memorial and Labor Day weekends and a few times in between if we can. We had great fun when our kids were little and now we love getting together with all the grand kids. We love this new campground up Spanish Fork Canyon because it really only takes us about 10 minutes to get back to town. And with both Robert's and my church callings we do have to come down each weekend. We can still enjoy the the canyon but we can still do the things we need to in town.
After this weekend is over Robert and I will be counting down the days. We are leaving on September 10th to go to Tyson's boot camp graduation in Fort Knox, KY. We are so excited to see him. As much as I did not want him to do this, I am so proud of him. Can not wait to give him a great big hug. Sorry no pictures this time but I will for sure have pictures after getting back from graduation.


Victor & Michelle said...

WHAT!? Nothing bad happens in SF does it!? jk.. you guys are busy busy! HAVE FUN!

Randy & JoAnna said...

...bout time you updated your blog! I need to teach you how to always have your camera ready, no matter how busy you are! YOU NEED BLOG PICURES! I want to see what you all look like in your camping garb!

Shari Davis said...

How fun that you guys are going to see Tyson graduate! I know that will mean so much to him. When Ben graduated from his Basic, his parents didn't come and he was quite disappointed. It's great to have supportive parents!!!! I'm proud of Tyson too and all that he is sacrificing for our freedoms! It really puts things into perspective when you have family in the military!!!! You guys rock!!!