Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bunco Campout

We went camping a couple of weeks ago for couples Bunco. We went up to Spanish Fork River Park. Everyone took up their trailers on Friday night. We assigned 2 couples to each meal and that was so wonderful because we had Saturday morning breakfast and then we were done. We just enjoyed the rest of the weekend.
Marilyn had to show the guys just how to play horse shoes... really at the time they were short one person and she was the only one that would go over and play with them.

It was so hot and Spanish Fork River was right behind our campground. We had some tubes.. I should say some "kids tubes" it we a riot watching everyone try to stay on them in the water. Annette was trying to get Angie to put several on her just to be safe.. Then they went over the hill and saw Robert and Rick with their chairs in the middle of the river. Yes it was only about 3 feet deep.

We also drove up Lake Fork and rode the 4 wheelers. We went on a trail off the main road and got to the top of the mountain to this lake and ate our lunch that we had packed. It was so awesome. I did forget my camera though so I did not get any pictures.
Our group has been getting together once a month for over 10 years now. We really do have fun together and we have all become best friends. Now besides our 2 trips to St. George, the theater, bull rides, we will now be adding camping a couple times each summer to our activities.
Some of our kids came up on Saturday night and I am pretty sure that they think that we are all crazy.

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