Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well I should say Tyson is in the United States. He finally arrived in Alaska on Sunday night. He was suppose to be there Thursday night but was delayed a few days. I am pretty sure that it was a very long weekend for Lauren and Jordan just waiting.
I can not even imagine the excitment when these men walked into the room where their loved ones were waiting for them. You know me... tears tears and more tears. I was at home crying just seeing the pictures that Lauren was sending over on her phone.
And I am pretty sure that it was a great site for the men to see their family. I can not even imagine having to leave my spouse and baby behind.
We as a family are so proud of you Tyson. Even though this has been one of the hardest things for me as a mother to watch and live through, I AM the proudest mother around. The sacrafice that is made for all of us is unreal.
Before Tyson joined the Army, I thought that I was a patriotic person. I love my country, the flag, my freedoms. But when you have a loved one that is serving our country it gives you a whole new perspective. My family will tell you that the tears flow pretty much all the time. It does not matter if it is the National Athem at a ball game, Hyums at Church or even the prayers at church when they are thankful for our servicemen. Yeah you name it, it makes me cry. BUT... that is what Mother's are suppose to do right ?
Tyson, we are all so proud of you. We all thank you for what you have done and what you are still doing. We are so thankful that you are back on US soil and we are so looking forward to March/April when we can see you in person again. I will be so happy for you when Lauren is done with school and your little family can be ALL together, even if it is in Alaska. But we do have our fingers crossed for a trainer job.
On the Davies side of the family we currently have 4 men serving our country. My niece Shari's husband Ben is serving and just left his family for awhile. Our nephew Shaun just returned home, and another nephew Jason currently serving also. Thank you , we love you , we pray for you and we are so so proud of each of you.


Lindsay said...

Welcome home to Tyson! That is such a fun thing for him to finally be home with his little family! And Gayle, I totally don't mind you reading my blog! That's what it's there for, for people to enjoy! I enjoy reading your updates as well! And don't worry, we will cheer loud for Brandon! He is doing great and has so much potential! Go Cougs! :)

Mama & Papa Griz said...

Welcome home Tyson! That is so neat that he is safe and with his family. There is something that happens when you have a loved one serving in the military. I miss living on base and being around those who serve our country and fight to keep us safe and free.

Marlene said...

I can't imagine what your family has been going through. I sure your testimony makes it possible for you to get through your son being in harms way.

Randy & JoAnna said...

Happy for all!!! Welcome home Tyson and thanks for all you to for us!!

Jill T said...

Welcome Home Tyson!! You are an AWESOME guy. Thank you for your service and for putting yourself in harms way for our Country. I am so VERY proud to know you.

Jill T said...

WAIT -- another thing.

Robert and Gayle -- thanks for raising such a great son. He is a tribute to wonderful parents!!! Heck the whole family is pretty amazing.